I am a lifetime Weight Watchers member and this year marks ten years since I initially joined. After returning to meetings following the birth of my youngest I’ve lost nearly all my “baby weight” and am just working on those last stubborn pounds. I continue to go to Weight Watchers meetings to keep me on track.

Over the years, I’ve learned lots from WW as well as other sources. Along the way I have developed my own tricks and strategies. I’ve also come up with a lot of my own recipes. Whether it’s my own creation or a variation on a popular restaurant menu item, I’ve found I can come up with some pretty good things to make and eat. I frequently have things like this to share in my meetings as well as amongst friends. So it became clear that I needed to start putting all these things into writing for the benefit of others as well. And thus was born a whole new website and blog; www.

I love my food and I want it to taste good. My friends and family know all too well that when you ask me what I want to eat I’ll usually say; “something yummy!” Of course "yummy" all too often equates to high calorie and high fat, things that are “illegal” if you want to stick with your weight loss or maintenance program and be successful. So the term “legally yummy” seemed appropriate for this new venture. After all, if you can make something both yummy and legal then you are truly getting the best of both worlds!

I try to strike a balance between low calorie and still being as healthy and natural as possible. This means for the most part I do not have artificial ingredients in my recipes and I do not use chemical sweeteners. I try to avoid most products with high fructose corn syrup except for rare exceptions when an ingredient cannot be found without it (one such example is my homemade Ceasar dressing containing Worcestershire sauce.)

I’m excited to share my recipes with you all as well as various strategies for eating out and other tricks.

I hope you enjoy Legally Yummy!